DU019 – User Needs

Users have needs. They are the foundation of everything you do as a UX Designer and should be taken seriously. But how do you uncover user needs and what do you do with them once you’ve found them? What do you do when the business poops on them?

DU018 – How to interview users and stakeholders

No we aren’t talking about job interviews this time, we are talking about how to extract juicy insights out of your users and stakeholders.

We have tips for interviewing when using different research methodologies, how to deal with different personalities in your research sessions and find out why Carla looks like a bear.

DU017 – Prototype or Protohype?

Prototyping is the process you go through to get design in front of real users.

Paper prototyping, Axure mockups, Invision, Sketch – there are a hundred ways to get an output you can use in user research. But which is best and what should you use when? There’s only one way to find out..

DU016 – UX Portfolios

UX portfolios are how you sell yourself to potential employers. But what goes into a portfolio? How much UX work should you show? What format should a UX portfolio be in? Chris and Carla pass on some tips from both sides of the fence as hirers and candidates which should help you craft a winning […]

DU015 – Guerrilla User Testing

Guerilla user testing is the art of approaching complete strangers and getting them to test your designs out in the real world.

It can be scary, but with the right preparation it doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark at getting the insight you need.

DU014 – UX Job Interviews

The format of UX job interviews can vary a lot. Some contain design challenges, most will want to explore your design thinking and process and some just involve having a coffee.

Chris and Carla talk through some of their experiences from being both interviewers and candidates and pass on some tips to help you prepare.

DU013 – Design Workshops

What is a design workshop and how can you run one effectively? Chris and Carla talk about this mysterious UX activity.

DU010 – When Agile Goes Wrong

Agile isn’t always the best solution.

Chris and Carla talk about when Agile isn’t the best way to build great products and what you can do instead.

DU008 – The Grand Design of Information

Information Architecture means different things to different people. Chris and Carla attempt to untangle this confusing term whilst freezing their buttocks in Liverpool Street station.

DU007 – Content first, guy

Fresh faced from new years eve Chris and Carla tackle the often overlooked subject of content in UX design.

We also choose our favourite North Korean hairstyle.