DU043 – Transitioning to UX

Chris and Carla sit down over a pint of beer to discuss how you can transition into UX from both related and unrelated industries.

DU039 – Design Systems

Design systems or design languages are a holistic set of instructions that help Designers and product teams understand how to build their products, and why to build them that way. This is more than your bog standard pattern library or style guide and is intended to give direction to your design. They come in all […]

DU038 – Design Thinking for Business Transformation

Design thinking is a methodology that works anywhere. You don’t have to be designing an app or website to apply it to problem solving both in business and in your every day life. Chris and Carla talk about how you can apply this powerful set of tools anywhere, any time. Transcript The Design Untangled Podcast […]

DU037 – The Design of Introverts

Supposedly 1 in 3 of us are introverts. In the world of UX, Design and Research you are often expected to talk in front of large groups of people, run workshops and talk to users – typically things you might associate with extrovert personality traits. However, it is possible to do these things as an […]

DU034 – Designing ethically

What should designers keep in mind when they are releasing things into the world? Is what you’re letting lose going to benefit humanity? Is it going to screw them over? Why is just designing for 80% of users a bad idea? All this and more from a freezing cold rooftop at Google HQ. Transcript The […]

DU033 – Testing Propositions

What is a proposition? How do you identify a proposition? How do you test a proposition? Great questions everyone! Let’s do an episode on just that. Transcript The Design Untangled Podcast Episode: DU033 – Testing Propositions Host: Chris Mears and Carla Lindarte Length: 21:41 minutesFebruary 4, 2019 (00:16) Chris: Hello and welcome to Design Untangled […]

DU032 – Design Critiques

Nobody likes being criticised. But as a Designer, getting critiques is an essential way to help power up your designs and your thinking to the next level. We talk about what makes a healthy and productive design critique and what you can do to improve how you handle feedback. Transcript The Design Untangled Podcast Episode: […]

DU031 – Designing with Data

What do we mean when we talk about ‘data’? How can you use data and insights to create design hypotheses that allow you to create and test your designs effectively and help remove bias? What did we get up to at Christmas? Transcript The Design Untangled Podcast Episode – DU031 – Designing with Data Host: […]

[Bonus Episode] – DU 1st Birthday

It’s our birthday and we’ll cry if we want to.

Over the past year we have pumped out 27 episodes, covered topics from UX portfolios to Jobs to be done, interviewed some amazing Designers and had a whole lot of fun doing it.

DU021 – Slack Questions Special

As Chris and Carla didn’t prepare for this episode we are going to go through and answer some of your questions from the uxmentor.me slack channel.