DU059 – Can UX Specialists exist after Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus has changed the way organisations are thinking about and delivering Design. For many, getting things designed, developed and out the door is a matter of survival. Discovery Research or strategic UX work seems to be on the back burner for now, in favour of tactical approaches. How can UX and Research specialists fit into this new world?

DU057 – Think about Design Thinking

Design thinking is a powerful framework for implementing user-centred thinking and outcomes. But you shouldn’t apply it to everything if it’s not the most appropriate approach for your brief.

DU055 – Working and Parenthood

Trying to balance work and parenthood is always challenging.

How can organisations support both expecting and recent parents more effectively?

Carla talks about her experience at Google and her newfound LinkedIn fame.

DU054 – Christmas 2019

2019 comes to a close so we talk about beards. Thank you to all of our listeners for making 2019 so memorable and we wish you a great festive season!

DU053 – Working with Remote Development Teams

Not having your developers nearby can be tough. It’s even harder when they are in a totally different country, timezone and perhaps even speak a different language.

DU052 – Agency vs Client-Side

The choice between going agency or client-side as a Designer can be a tricky one.

Chris & Carla reflect on their experiences working in both and talk about what you can expect.

DU050 – Networking

Networking can strike fear. But it is an essential skill for a Designer. We talk through different approaches, and why it doesn’t have to be terrifying.

DU049 – Designing for Uncertainty

How do you help organisations navigate a world of uncertainty? Through the use of techniques like assumption mapping, you can use design and research to help answer the big questions.

DU046 – Designing for Power Users

It is easy to fall into the trap of only designing products which are easy to use the first time. Behaviour changes as users become more expert in your product – they become power users.

DU044 – Avoiding Burnout

Ever felt emotionally, physically or mentally exhausted at work?

You might be burnt out.

We talk about how you can identify the warning signs and give some tips on things you can try to improve your wellbeing.