Season 2 – Designing for a new level of uncertainty

Designers need to make decisions for the future of products and services, but the future is now highly unpredictable. How can they navigate today’s unprecedented conditions and overcome the challenges that this changing world is bringing to the industry?

In Season 2 of Design Untangled we partnered with ProtoPie, the future of interactive product design, to talk to 6 global design leaders to understand what it means to be a Designer in today’s unprecedented times.

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Our guests

26th January 2021

Abbie Walsh, Chief Design Officer at Accenture Interactive

How Diversity and Design can be a catalyst for change

2nd February 2021

Kieron Leppard, Vice President Experience Design at HUGE

Is Design Thinking still the answer?

9th February 2021

Eduardo Sonnino, Senior Designer at Microsoft

How to Design tactile experiences remotely

16th February 2021

Anthony Baker, Executive Technology Director at R/GA

Using AI and Machine learning to reduce uncertainty

23rd February 2021

Jani Cortesini, Design Sprint Lead & Strategist. @ Google ZOO

How to run Design Sprints remotely

2nd March 2021

Alex Paquin, Chief Executive Officer, and founder of Zerotrillion

How to maximise customer experience with branding