DU045 – Digitising Receipts with Flux – Filippo Corti interview

Receipts eh? Annoying bits of paper you get when you shop that often just go in the bin – an environmental problem that London startup Flux is trying to solve by integrating receipts with your bank.

DU035 – Starling Bank – Steven Blyth Interview

We speak to Steven Blyth – Designer at one of the main fintech challenger banks in the UK – Starling Bank. Starling is an app based bank and is also moving rapidly into the business account space. We chat to Steven about how they do design at Starling, branded interactions and how to work be […]

DU029 – Designing the Stock Market – James Storer Freetrade Interview

We get to grips with the Stock market with James Storer – Head of Design at Freetrade. Freetrade is a new London-based startup aiming to disrupt the stock market old guard and make investing affordable and understandable to the masses. We talk about scaling, product approach, designing inclusively and the problem with the title ‘Junior […]

DU026 – Monzo – Interview with Zander Brade

Chris and Carla speak to Zander Brade – Product Designer at Monzo Bank.

Monzo is a startup challenger bank here in the UK offering a mainly app based service and has been built from the ground up. They are known for their transparency, innovative features and mission to make banking better.