DU006 – UXmas Mulled Wine Special

In this Christmas special Chris and Carla play the UX drinking game, exchange shitty presents and talk about Carla’s replacement.

DU004 – Wireframe or wirelame?

Are wireframes redundant in the new Agile way of delivering projects or do they just need to change?

Chris and Carla explore the changing way these traditional UX deliverables can help or hinder our projects. 

DU003 – Persona or Perso-nah?

Personas are one of the more controversial tools in the UX design toolkit. Chris and Carla take a look at the common issues with them, when they can be useful and why you should never print them out larger than you are.

DU002 – User centered human service design thinking

Service design, systems thinking, user centred design, human centred design…what does it all mean? Chris and Carla untangle these terms and talk about how great the intro music is.

DU001 – Untangling Design

In this first episode Chris and Carla give a quick overview of why it can be hard to get started in UX.

They talk about some common UX portfolio problems and why personas can drive you to play the ukulele.