DU019 – User Needs

Users have needs. They are the foundation of everything you do as a UX Designer and should be taken seriously. But how do you uncover user needs and what do you do with them once you’ve found them? What do you do when the business poops on them? Transcript Episode – DU019 – User Needs.Hosts: […]

DU018 – How to interview users and stakeholders

No we aren’t talking about job interviews this time, we are talking about how to extract juicy insights out of your users and stakeholders.

We have tips for interviewing when using different research methodologies, how to deal with different personalities in your research sessions and find out why Carla looks like a bear.

DU010 – When Agile Goes Wrong

Agile isn’t always the best solution.

Chris and Carla talk about when Agile isn’t the best way to build great products and what you can do instead.

DU005 – Lean UX research – Christina Li Interview

Chris chats with Christina Li (Melon Experience Design) about doing lean and mean UX research that delivers results.