DU050 – Networking

Networking can strike fear. But it is an essential skill for a Designer. We talk through different approaches, and why it doesn’t have to be terrifying.

DU049 – Designing for Uncertainty

How do you help organisations navigate a world of uncertainty? Through the use of techniques like assumption mapping, you can use design and research to help answer the big questions.

DU048 – UX Contracting

What are the differences between a UX contractor or freelancer and a permanent employee? What are the advantages and disadvantages of contracting? We chat about this increasingly popular way of working.

DU047 – Starting a new UX job

Would you know what to do on your first day as a new UX Designer? Chris and Carla help calm your nerves with some tips to help prioritise and hit the ground running.

DU046 – Designing for Power Users

It is easy to fall into the trap of only designing products which are easy to use the first time. Behaviour changes as users become more expert in your product – they become power users.

DU045 – Digitising Receipts with Flux – Filippo Corti interview

Receipts eh? Annoying bits of paper you get when you shop that often just go in the bin – an environmental problem that London startup Flux is trying to solve by integrating receipts with your bank.

DU044 – Avoiding Burnout

Ever felt emotionally, physically or mentally exhausted at work?

You might be burnt out.

We talk about how you can identify the warning signs and give some tips on things you can try to improve your wellbeing.

DU043 – Transitioning to UX

Chris and Carla sit down over a pint of beer to discuss how you can transition into UX from both related and unrelated industries.

DU042 – Designing (Train) Platforms – Andy Farmer Interview

In a bit of a play on words, Chris speaks to Andy Farmer – Solution Consulting Partner at ORM about how to design platforms. We talk about the challenges in designing for complex technical systems and infrastructure and why it is important to use insight and data from multiple sources to design solutions. 6 lessons […]

DU041 – Design Club – Noam Sohachevsky Interview

Design Club is a social enterprise that aims to introduce design thinking to school aged kids. Chris and Carla chat to founder Noam Sohachevsky to find out the origins of Design Club and why design thinking can be a powerful tool for young children. You can check out more and learn how to become a […]