DU036 – #IamRemarkable – Aggie Dawborn & Sofia Corrêa de Sá Stratton Interview

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Carla speaks to Aggie Dawborn and Sofia Corrêa de Sá Stratton about the background to I am Remarkable and the reasons for its existence. You can learn more at #IamRemarkable.

DU035 – Starling Bank – Steven Blyth Interview

We speak to Steven Blyth – Designer at one of the main fintech challenger banks in the UK – Starling Bank. Starling is an app based bank and is also moving rapidly into the business account space. We chat to Steven about how they do design at Starling, branded interactions and how to work be […]

DU030 – Designing for the Masses – Brendan Kearns Interview

How do you design when you have a user-base of millions? Chris and Carla speak to Brendan Kearns about Product Design at Google, Twitter and his work with startups.

DU029 – Designing the Stock Market – James Storer Freetrade Interview

We get to grips with the Stock market with James Storer – Head of Design at Freetrade. Freetrade is a new London-based startup aiming to disrupt the stock market old guard and make investing affordable and understandable to the masses. We talk about scaling, product approach, designing inclusively and the problem with the title ‘Junior […]

DU028 – Diversity and the Future of Design – Dan Harvey Interview

We speak to Dan Harvey from The Dots about the challenges facing our design community now and in the future. Brexit, diversity, the glass ceiling – what does it all mean for us as designers? You can also join Chris and Carla on a nice walk around London.

DU027 – GDPR and ePrivacy – Interview with Kate Crowley

Carla speaks to Kate Crowley – Agency Head of Google Marketing Platform about GDPR, ePrivacy and the impact this legislation has on companies and designers.

DU026 – Monzo – Interview with Zander Brade

Chris and Carla speak to Zander Brade – Product Designer at Monzo Bank.

Monzo is a startup challenger bank here in the UK offering a mainly app based service and has been built from the ground up. They are known for their transparency, innovative features and mission to make banking better.

DU025 – UI vs UX? Liam Harberd Interview

Carla talks to Liam Harberd, Design Director at Deloitte Digital (4D’s) about visual design, how it interacts with UX and as usual what all the different job titles mean. They also talked about UI vs UX without mentioning that stupid tomato ketchup graphic. Chris also gets mentioned extensively. Fun fact: Liam designed the Design Untangled […]

DU024 – Experience Strategy – Calum Forsyth Interview

Carla chats to Calum Forsyth about experience strategy. What is experience strategy? How does it differ to UX Design? How do you set KPIs for experience? Why are there so many trains and who is texting?

DU023 – What is a Product Manager – Interview with Josh Harris

Chris speaks to Josh Harris, Product Manager at Dog Buddy. We chat about the difference between a Product Owner and a Product Manager, what they do, who they talk to and why they are important in the project delivery process. We also talk about drills for the second time in two episodes.