S2E6: Alex Paquin – How to maximise customer experience with branding

Advertising and branding have been around as long as there have been things to sell. Alex Paquin from Zerotrillion talks to us about what new and innovative approaches brands can use to maximise their marketing impact and deliver solutions that satisfy today’s ever changing customer needs.

S2E5: Jani Cortesini – How to run design sprints virtually

Design Sprints are a process created by Google and adopted by many. They allow businesses to get answers to strategic questions quickly, using design thinking methods and tools. Jani Cortesini talks to us about how you can do Design Sprints remotely.

S2E4: Anthony Baker – Using AI and machine learning to reduce uncertainty

Design and the technology used to implement it, have always been two sides of the same coin. Anthony Baker talks to us about how these two disciplines can come together and utilise new technological tools like artificial intelligence, language processing and machine learning to deliver better experiences.

S2E3: Eduardo Sonnino – How to design tactile hardware experiences remotely

How do you ensure new hardware and the software on it meet customer needs and work together as a seamless experience? And how do you test an experience that’s been designed in the hands of real customers in the middle of a global pandemic?

Eduardo Sonnino is a Senior Product Designer at Microsoft, and talks to us about designing for hardware experiences remotely.

S2E2: Kieron Leppard – Is Design Thinking still the answer?

Design Thinking has been used for many years as a framework to solve all kinds of problems. Kieron Leppard talks to us about if this methodology is still valid, when customers, organisations and society are facing completely new and unprecedented conditions?

S2E1: Abbie Walsh – How diversity and design can be a catalyst for change

Abbie Walsh speaks to us about how diversity can be a tool to help designers and organisations face what Covid-19 has brought to the world.